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Hello class !

Congratulations on your oral presentations. It was good to see and witness how commited you were and the effort you all made. We hope you enjoyed the experience of presenting a project in English to the class and teachers.

Here are the names of all the organizations : Old dreams, OFTC, Fairy Tale, Help Without Borders and Tree Huggers

Home Sweet Home – Home is where your heart is – was considered the best presentation both by the teachers and the class. Ana Filipa, Catarina, Marta V. , Nicole and Rúben did a wonderful job ! Well done !

Here’s a video about the topic. It’s called “The power of volunteering” .  Enjoy!



What shall we do but find that legendary tree

Where all fruits hang? Such variety!

Papaya, melon,apricot and pear

On the same branch, sweetening the air.

We’ll sit and gaze at amber, green and gold

No better place to watch the days unfold.

The leaves make music in the silver rain

Which lights them up and stops and falls again.

All night the peaches, oranges and plums

Glow like lamps, like countless moons and suns,

Send their juices running through our dreams

Transforming us forever, or so it seems.

But where can we find this special tree?

It grows on an island in the turquoise sea,

In love with its own diversity.

Moniza Alvi

«This is a metaphor that stresses the importance of universal love, the love that embraces all mankind.» (Diogo Domingues)

«Could we, humans, follow the example of this special tree where all races could “hang”.» (João Oliveira)

«It’s an imaginary tree but we should all fight for the existence of a field where its seeds could grow. We have the responsibility to plant this tree and enjoy its fruits.» (João Albano)

«The tree is inside us. It’s up to us to find it! »( Pedro Conceição)

«I wish I would live in a world without injustice, discrimination, racism and intolerance. I do think differences are good and positive because that’s what amkes us special and unique.» Ana Filipa

«I think it would be excellent if our world was a world of many voices where differences were really accepted and seen as something good and positive, with no space left for intolerance and hate.However, the truth is it’s not always like that. Different cultures often have misunderstandings and conflicts, barriers do exist and discrimination and racism still rule. It’s time we became aware of the importance of fighting for new horizons, where hope, tolerance and acceptance prevail.» Catarina Lírio

«People who don’t have a heart and don’t accept the differences are the really “different” people, because they are not good enough to understand we are all equal, despite our differences. Equality is something we need to believe in and if we really believe it , we’ll be happy and united in the end.» Rita

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Hello Class!

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