Multiculturalism : Food for thought (by 11º3)

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

«I wish I would live in a world without injustice, discrimination, racism and intolerance. I do think differences are good and positive because that’s what amkes us special and unique.» Ana Filipa

«I think it would be excellent if our world was a world of many voices where differences were really accepted and seen as something good and positive, with no space left for intolerance and hate.However, the truth is it’s not always like that. Different cultures often have misunderstandings and conflicts, barriers do exist and discrimination and racism still rule. It’s time we became aware of the importance of fighting for new horizons, where hope, tolerance and acceptance prevail.» Catarina Lírio

«People who don’t have a heart and don’t accept the differences are the really “different” people, because they are not good enough to understand we are all equal, despite our differences. Equality is something we need to believe in and if we really believe it , we’ll be happy and united in the end.» Rita


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