Students’ comments on the movie : Modern Times

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

« Modern Times represents the Industrial Revolution, during which human and handmade work was replaced by machines that could do a better and more perfect work,  at a higher speed, due to the production line. However this situation lead to an increase of unemployment. I think the film is very comic and  it somehow stands for the American Dream: the pursuit of happiness and love.» Catarina Lírio

« In my opinion the film is very interesting and comic and I liked it very much. Love and friendship are taught through silence. It is unique and up to date.» Gustavo Andrêz

« In my opinion the film was educational and very funny. The way it teaches us is unique, not using a single spoken word. It teaches us about love and the importance of never giving up.» Petru Murga

«The film is a very good one. It gives us an important and timeless lesson. We should never give up hope, love and friendship. Also, we must never stop our pursuit of happiness even though there are difficult times.» Rúben Domingues

« I think this is a unique film because it speaks about two people in love and in the pursuit of happiness. They are about to have a nervous breakdown (Charlie could not avoid it) because of the society they were living in. Their jobs required more effort and speed than usual. In my opinion, despite the age of the movie, this is really a timeless film. Its message is very important, even nowadays. We should never give up our dreams and we should keep moving on without losing our hope.» Diogo Domingues


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