What do you think?

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Diogo Domingues

Hi! I kind of agree and disagree with the statement because in my opinion imagination is more important than knowledge but a person with more knowledge could even imagine more stuff. I don’t know if u heard this famous expression that says: ”The more I learn/know, the less I know.”. This expression tells us that when you find an answer for something,a lot of new questions will appear from that answer. In the end my opinion is that knowledge expands our imagination and if imagination is unlimited, knowledge can also be. p.s.: Sorry for my english mistakes. 🙂

Dear Diogo,

It’s really nice to hear from you again. You show not only commitment and effort, but also, it’s clear to me that you love English (am I right?). Now, as regards your answer to the post, I have to agree with you when you say we’re constantly searching for answers and when we finally get them, new questions arise.That’s part of our nature as human beings, don’t you think? However, I do think imagination and knowledge are different assets and to be honest I’m not quite sure about whether they’re strictly connected or not. I can see your point when you say that those who possess more knowledge can imagine more (because their horizons are wider and that can be a big help, obviously) but still, some people are naturally very imaginative and creative and sometimes they don’t really know much about anything really, you see? I particularly enjoyed your last sentence “knowledge expands our imagination and if imagination is unlimited, knowledge can also be. ” It could be a slogan for an advertisement, uh?

Well done! And don’t apologize for mistakes because your writing is pretty good and it’s always a pleasure to read your texts.


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