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Dear all,

Congratulations! Your videos are very creative and we’re extremely happy to witness your effort and commitment once again. Despite some difficulties and lack of time, you didn’t let us down, which shows how much potential you all have. This is definitely a good sign and most probably tasks like these will help you to develop important skills for your future life and career.  Well done! I’ll be publishing all the videos on the blog. Here are the first ones: Rio+100 Green Jobs and Rio+100 Sustainable food production + Rio+100 Sweet water + Rio+100 Natural Disasters and Rio+100 Resources




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Hello everyone. Since we are now working on a new unit: “The Environment” and because we’d like you to be part of the Rio+100 Earth Summit project, here’s a video in which Severn Suzuki, a twelve year old Canadian girl, makes a wonderful speech at the Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It’s worth watching. Get inspired!